Adv Mod. Texture. Light.: Model Update

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.54.17 PM.png

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Interactive Media: Asset Update 10/18/2017

I was asked to rig the enemies that were made for the “Sweet fuggin swords” project, so I rigged all 3 enemies and their boss counterparts.

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Production 1: Documentary

We were tasked to make a documentary, I made one about my friend Dan Chamberlin.

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Interactive Media: Asset update

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 8.55.58 PM.png

I decided to texture the buster sword to see if it would look able to use.

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Japanese Media: Character Design Redo

DemBoisNEWDemBoisNEWSHADAfter Feedback in class was given, we were tasked to redo the character designs. I was given the advice to make the burly character have wider shoulders and make him seem heavier. I was also told to give the characters poses where their arms arent at their sides and make them look more interesting.

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Interactive Media: Game Asset Progress

Before class, I had made both the “Buster sword” and a Katana, I was told that the Buster Sword I made was too heavy on the polygon count and had too many overlapping polygons, and was already being re-made by another member without my knowledge. So during class I edited the Katana to make it less polygon heavy and I also UV mapped it, then I took it into substance painter and gave it the textures you can see in the screen shot I provided.

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Interactive Media: Juicy Games

Juiciness in games means the effect that occurs based on the player input. This does not always mean the action the character performs, but the effect from said action. An easy example would be in a game like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike when one player hits the other you see a spark where the impact occurred and the receiver of the impact with stagger backwards for a moment. An even simpler example would be when a character walks and you see dust clouds under their feet as they walk. Here are 2 examples of games that have very Juicy designs and if they did not have said designs they would not have the feel that have now, one being a game with no touch screen controls and one with touch screen controls.

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