Digital Foundations 2: After Effects Practice

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Digital Foundations 2: XD Prototype – Classified Profile

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Senior Seminar: Presentation

In class, we were tasked to give a presentation reflecting on our past works and connect them to the different topics, articles, and films we discussed in class. I talked about 3 of my past works as well as my current Senior studio project, and talked about my Senior studio 2 project plans, connecting them all to the 3 major connections I made between my work and the in class discussions, and the 4th discussion topic that I want to portray in the Senior studio 2 project.

The first was my project “This Fly…” (Link to Video) In which I connected it to the first and most major connection, “The Mask You Live In” (Link to Film) with the concept of pretending to be something you are not. “The Mask You Live In” is all about how forcing boys to ‘be more masculine’ is actually damaging to them and can cause negative personality traits and actions. While “This Fly” does not directly touch upon that subject, the whole concept is about the fly character wanting to be a bee, something he is not, and due to this he gets embarrassed, but he still decides to follow another bug right afterwards.

The concept of “The Mask You Live In” can also be connected to the second project, “My Roommate Mike” (Link to Video) in which the concept is that the major character wants to impress his girlfriends parents, so he tries to have his more fashionable roommate give him clothes that his girlfriends parents will like, but then decides its not really him and decides to dress his own way which works out in the end, all with a comedic pay off but it definitely portrays the same sort of message that is within “The Mask You Live In”.

The third project I talked about was “Warui Koi” (Link to Video) and its connection the the two topics of “Filtered reality” (Link to Article) and “Other peoples footage” (Link to Film). “Warui Koi” is basically a look at anime tropes from someone who does not watch anime’s point of view, or in other words to make fun of their filters about anime, as well as to poke fun at said tropes for anime fans. The big question about wether or not the msuic and sound FX I used within the video were fair use or not after viewing “Other peoples footage”, and given the video had no close relation to any source material, was transformative, parody, and non-profit, it was indeed fair use.

My major project this semester was a project about Doctor Frankenstein and the Christian God arguing over the creation of the Monster. This film brings into question the previously mentioned topics. My design of God was to poke fun at the stereotypical interpretations of the Christian God, such as how he wants everyone to follow his rules and even if you are a good person, one slip up and he hates you. Doctor Frankenstein was more going for the design of an unnatural person, so he is angular and has a heavily dark color pallet. Igor is in the middle of these two and the monster is completely angular with no curves on him. The sound FX used were royalty free cartoon sound FX so no it falls under fair use, and the characters of Doctor Frankenstein, the Monster, and Igor are all in the public domain, so no copyright would apply unless i tried to use the universal interpretation of the Monster.

I also discussed a project for next year that relates to “Filtered reality” a bit, but mostly connects to “Digital Disconnect” (Link to Film) with the topic of peoples data being used for advertising. The major Idea is that a new AI is created that creates ads for an individual solely based on their data, and that means ALL their data. So some questionable ads get made, and 3 major questions would come up. Would companies use these ads? Would they care about the subject matter if it makes them more money? How would the people react? Keep in mind since these ads are made using peoples data, that means they have to like what is on screen to some extent, leading the people to want to filter out the things they dont like that they like.

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Project based on Data consumption

One aspect of data consumption I find interesting is how you can observe many different numbers of data but it all accumulates to one answer. The data can lie too, what appears to be a bunch of different answers it really amounts to one answer, it can show more than what you actually have. My idea for a piece would be a series of pieces that appear different at first glance, but once all are observed up closer it becomes clear that they are all apart of one large piece.

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Artists as Innovators

On October 10th, 2018 I attended the artist showcase “Artists as Innovators” on the Alfred University campus in theĀ Fosdick-Nelson Gallery. The piece that stood out to me the most was the Untitled Toothpick piece by Tara Donovan. As you can see, its a cube made out of toothpicks. The description states that all the toothpicks are only using gravity and friction to stay together, meaning that the toothpicks on the floor at the base of the piece fell off naturally, as all of them can. My first impression was how impressive it was that all the toothpicks emulated a cube so perfectly, and the lighting helped further this with the different sides all having a different exposure to said light. Upon further inspection, I started to really think about what I was looking at, it was just a bunch of toothpicks.

What does the medium say about the piece itself? It made me think about how common toothpicks are and how by utilizing physics allowed for an extraordinary piece to be created, perhaps that is a message about art itself. That is what art is, isn’t it? Taking simple objects and creating something new and interesting with it. Maybe it was not the original intent of the piece, but from my perspective it seems like this piece shows that with some creativity, simple objects can create an incredible work of art.

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Advanced Animation: Final Animation

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