Self Portrait

Self PortraitAdjusted Levels

Self Portrait Write Up

I’ve always been interested in drawing characters and people, be it made up by me or be it an already existing character that I drew in my own art style. Usually when given the task to draw a self portrait I go about doing so in essentially the same way except the only difference is that instead of drawing something from fiction I’m drawing myself. Normally when I draw myself I have 3 things that sort of identify me as a character that I draw which are Headphones, a double layered shit (t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt), and long-ish hair. I actually drew 3 different versions of the self portrait which resulted with me settling with the 3rd and final one due to it just looking better than the rest of them. A few factors that lead me to that decision was the fact that the shading was better than the rest and the lines were also more clear and overall just looked more visually appealing. One thing I kept in mind when drawing the 3rd self portrait was that I had to make sure all the proportions were correct as I have always had an issue with that specific part of any image I draw, After looking at a few different images to get an idea of what a hand looks compared to someone’s own head I was able to replicate it very well in sudo-anime art style I was going for the shading all I really did was make the left sides of parts of the body darker and then rubbed my thumb right a little bit to give it a smooth gradient from dark to light. Overall I think this turned out quite well although there definitely is room for improvement which I am willing to learn and improve on any mistakes I have made.

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