Point and Line Project


Coins (Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters)                                                              2015

3264 x 2448

Pencil and Paper

5396 x 5379

Conveying messages in art can be done in many different ways and one way it has been done is by using a metaphor in a piece that is of a word made out of material that fits with that metaphor. The example of a metaphor I used was “Time is money” which is a phrase that most people as well as I believe in, I showed this by making my name and the word “Time” out of coins. Both “Tom” and “Time” come from the same T in the image with “Tom” being completely horizontal and “Time” being diagonal and makes the idea of Time more prominent in the image as now “Tom” and “Time” look like hands on a clock. Time is the strongest idea of this image more so than the money part which was done on purpose to convey that sometimes time is more important than money is, however much like the image time cannot exist without money being used. Its more of a statement on Free time which is to say that most of the things people want to do on their free time such as watch movies and play video games cannot be done without money much like how I could not make this image if I did not have the money to use for it.

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