Spatial Translation with Shap

Story Bored

Photoshop                                                                          2015

Abstractions can be based of almost anything from images to ideas to even music. Abstractions that are based off of images are unique as they must keep the idea of the image while differentiating the abstraction from the image. The images I took showed the contrast between nature and man made objects, I chose these because I felt the contrast has a depth of its own that could be turned into an abstraction while keeping the same tone as the images had once before. The idea of the original images are still present in the abstractions with how the planes are shaped and the jagged edges of the planes. The color pallet I chose came from the first image I used which consisted of Black, White-Grey, and Dark Green. These colors allowed me to keep the same kind of contrast between all the shapes that the images had as well as have their own feeling.

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