Intro to Visual Communication Project #3

Tom's Project 3

Transparency is an effective technique to make an image blend together and feel unified. When using a transparency it is best to utilize layers since you would be able to lightly expose images behind the transparent layer or allow said layer to fade in the background, I used a transparent layer in this image for both of those uses.

The idea for my project was to still give the contrast between nature and man made objects while feeling like a new image from the last project. The background’s purpose is actually to continue that idea of the contrast between nature and man but while nature is usually associated with green the green actually represents man made objects with the white being nature. The text on the projects are all sentences and sentence segments from the artist statement from the last project that stood out to me. The reason why they stood out is because they all are about how abstractions can have a simple meaning while looking like somethingĀ more than just that meaning.

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