Accordion Book Project


My book is an average day from last year during high school from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. The major idea of this was to make everything meld together and all be connected; I wanted to convey this because thats how a normal day felt to me, it melded together and was the same old same old, only with there being detail in the things I truly focused on and less with the things I did not focus on. The cover was left blank to keep the idea of a normal day; nothing exciting happens or anything really different, so naturally when someone would ask “what did you do today?” I would say “Nothing much really”, The cover represents the nothingness of the normal day. Most of the objects, while left very simplistic, are still shaped to be recognizable common objects people use every day. Rhythm was used in the second page with the water transforming into the food with the waves of the water turning into the waves of the bacon and egg yolk. Repetition was also used on the third and fourth page with the clocks looking similar to each other with the only difference being the time on each clock; it is to represent how during classes I would only focus on the same clock checking every hour until the end of the day which got quite tedious. The boxed objects contrast with the wavy lines and rounded objects in the image to convey how commonly used boxed objects are, but not really noticeable hence why there is little to no detail to most of them. The one thing I really wanted to do is keep an idea of simplicity through out the entire piece so anyone can look at it and say; “This is kind of like how I was during high school” and remind people of the simple time we all lived in at one point.

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