Alfred University’s “Indigo Art” Showcase

20151001_151856 20151001_151912 20151001_151955 20151001_152026 20151001_152117

On October 1st I went to the “Indigo Art” showcase at Alfred University and I found it to be very interesting and enjoyable. All of the art there ranged from being kinda abstract to very abstract, which all still kept principals of design and used them well. The few I chose are some of the more simplistic ones but I feel they convey some principals of design the best out of all of them.

These five images are the pieces that I found to be the most aesthetically pleasing for various reasons. The Outlets with the blue paint on it has an odd sense of repetition to it, when you look at it it looks as if the white paint is actually being painted on a blue outlet and you can see how the brush moved when applying the white paint. The ten dollar bill succeeds in having unity despite the presidents face clearly being different from what it normally is. The mask applies rhythm to it with the lines around the eye holes and filter. The fish contrasts with itself due to its organs being a completely different color. The final image applies transparencies with the man’s face melding into the background and making the image more simplistic than it originally was.

Whatever meanings behind these works escape me, but I feel that the meanings aren’t as important as the images themselves are. A good image is a good image, regardless of the meaning, these images do everything right in drawing the viewers eye and keeping their attention to analyze the image and give thought on them. These images all have given me a new perspective on how to use principals of design in future works for this class, mainly how to use contrast and repetition.

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