Abstract Animation Project


My concept of animation was to show the movement of a single object and how it changes through out an animation. Given the simplicity of the background the viewer will be drawn to focus only on the black object moving around which made the piece’s purpose easier to convey. I was inspired by Len Lye and Jules Engel with the way the animation moved, changed, and was colored. The coloring in “Silence” by Jules Engel was a simple black and white pallet which allowed for a lot of creative freedom with the shapes and the contrast made it easy to view which is why I decided to use the same color pallet, plus the animation style was also appealing. The changing and separation of the shapes came from “The Meadow” by Jules Engel in regards to how multiple objects moved while other objects came apart and moved away from each other, I felt it flowed well and fit the type of style I was going for in my animation well. The shapes that were used in the animation came from Len Lye’s “Kaleidoscope”, specifically the circle with spikes on it that comes into frame ay 1:36 during “Kaleidoscope”. The movement of the shapes was inspired by the way the shapes moved in “Trade tattoo” by Len Lye, specifically the illuminated objects through out the entire piece. The ending when the three separate pieces of the black object split up and moved away from each other was the part that expressed a mixture of all of examples I viewed prior to making the animation. Another part worth noting is the mid section when the four triangles split apart, turn around, and go back to the middle piece which results in four more pieces split apart and then return to the middle piece again.

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