Scale, Depth, and Motion Project




The structure of design demands a flow through out an entire piece; which is to say every design needs to draw the viewers eye around the work in a satisfying and elegant way. The design for project 5 shows 3 key elements of design; Scale, Depth, and Motion, along with having to use a photo of our self, 1 or 2 objects, and 1 or 2 words. My design uses a photo of myself, a game controller, a pair of headphones, and the word “Zen” (A word used to emphasize meditation practices and balance). The objects were all scaled to be just about the same size as the photo is, this was done so the word Zen was justified to be in the image and is a symbol of how the objects are used in my every day life. The controller was put in the foreground around where my stomach is and the headphones were put in the background where my head is, this was done to give a sense of depth and once again is a symbol for how these objects are used in my every day life. The motion of the work is to make a viewer look around the entire image in a circle, I thought that if the image’s motion brought the viewers eyes around different parts of the project there would be a feeling of balance, or Zen, through out the entire image.

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