Biomorphic Animal


The Ailurus Fulgens, or as we call it the Red Panda, are commonly found within the Eastern Himalayas in the areas with plenty of trees for them to live in. The Red Panda population is currently declining due to two specific things, 1: a Decline in the bamboo they eat and 2: they are vulnerable to traps that are not ment for them. Knowing this I believe that the Red Panda need only 2 things to help them avoid these issues they face. The first thing they would need is the ability to know what a trap looks like and how to avoid them, so naturally they will need more intelligence to learn these key things. The first change would be that they would have an external brain implanted on them that would allow them to learn these survival tactics they will need to know to avoid traps. The second object would be an enhanced eye so they can see further and more clearly which will allow them to find food they need to survive.

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