Mask Project

Mask.pngMASKThe Mask I made has polygonal edges that make up its shape, when drawing this I made the edges look sharp and jagged. To make the mask the same depth you would see from looking at the real object I gave gradual shading to the parts of the mask that folded inward and away from the front of the mask.

The most prominent element of design is the contrast between the mask and the background; I made sure to do this to make the mask look almost illuminated compared to the dark background. There is also a strong focus on the rhythm that comes from the background. I felt that if the background is just a flat black color it would make the mask itself look flat; the movement of the background helps make the mask look three dimensional.

Self image as an artist write up:

At the beginning of the semester I was a standard high school artist who just drew things that I thought was cool. Now, I am still that but I now have more knowledge of what makes a piece of art look visually appealing and want to keep challenging myself in everything I do artistically. In the distant future I still want to have the intentions I have as an artist right now but have the know how and skill to make what I want to make a reality.

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