Intro To Visual Communications Final


When asked to research something I was interested in, I gave the idea lots of thought and questioned what something I am interested in artistically. Then, the Idea came to me, I enjoy drawing eyes. Eyes can be drawn and created in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and fit in every art style, not to mention that there are many ways to express sight and objects used to enhance sight. I wanted there to be as many examples of different sight related images as I could manage, different art styles with the sand eye on the right , pixilated on the top right corner, and anime art style and the very right of the image, a simplistic style with the one at the top right next to the pixilated one, a manga style on the top left, and specifically I enjoy how John Kricfalusi drew eyes in his many shows so I added in the eyes of Ren from arguably his most famous show “Ren & Stimpy”. I also wanted to add different eyes from different species that are common to see every day with cleary human eyes in the middle, top, and the bottom right, and then there are dog eyes at the very bottom and cat eyes at the bottom right corner, and there is also a diagram of an eye on the left side of the screen and under it is both the sign language that means “To look” and the eye socket every human skull has. Finally, I wanted to add different objects used to see such as the glasses lens on the top, the scope on the bottom left, and the two toilet paper tubes on the bottom of the piece. Around the whole piece I wanted all of the eyes to look towards the center to show how eyes look when they are pointed in a specific direction, with the middle image looking straight ahead. Doing this helped me see how different directions can mean an entirely different design for an eye and how differently they can be created in different art styles.

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