Journal #1

What do I want to learn in Figure and Motion this semester?

For starters, I want to learn how to develop my own style of drawing characters and objects. I still cant figure out what way of drawing works for me in a way that makes the characters interesting to look at; I am not sure if this class will be able to fully teach me this; but I hope it can at the very least give me somewhere to start.

I also want to have more experience drawing faces, weather a face is suppose to be detailed or simple I cannot draw a face that looks appealing; more specifically the eyes are the most prominent part of the face I fail at drawing. I can make one eye look nice but the other will always look crooked or off center.

Shading is something else I would like to work on since the way I shade is not working out anymore; I want to learn a shading style that I can apply to both small and large drawings.

The last thing I can think of that I want to learn is ways to incorporate the element and principals of design into drawings; more so characters but also settings. I want to be able to draw characters that compliment each other and if I learn how to use the elements and principals of design I believe I will be able to do this.


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