Origami Robot

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My Origami robot is ment to be a “Party Robot” of sorts. He is used to DJ events and imitate other DJs that are either alive or deceased no matter what the time period they are from is. The idea if his design is that he has speakers on his sides and head, the mid portion of his body is a screen that is used to change images as he DJs to reflect the song, and he has hands so he can operate devices used to DJ at events. He is ment to have a positive and simple design so He will appeal to all audiences. When considering modular design I wanted to have the screen in the middle of the robot show knowledge of this with the front screen showing a smiling face made out of the ‘Pixels’ that are making up the screen. The robot was ment to have a complete symmetrical design but as the creation process went on a more asymmetrical look came from it and give the robot a more ‘free’ look to it.

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