Character Bio

In the not too distant future the world has not changed too much; There are no floating cities or incredible leaps in technology but certain objects have been created such as Hover boards, Vehicles that run off water and still move at a fast speed, and even cybernetic enhancements for the human body. While many things in the future are advancing for the better, others are for the worse. The law enforcement have become more strict and sensitive to simple misdemeanors, not a completely marshal rule police force but way stricter than they are now. due to this many people Rebel in many different ways, some resort to violence and others prefer to do so with art.

My character is a Rebellious teenager who lives to annoy the police force, he is always equipped with these Four objects, Spray paint, Headphones, Portable Radio, and his custom made Hover board. He wears clothes that reflect both how he acts and by what is popular by the Rebellious side of this future, He wears a Long sleeved under shirt with a T-shirt over it, and a Leather vest (Which was clearly a jacket before due to the sleeves obviously have been torn off) that has words and designs sprayed on which are clearly custom. He wears Brightly covered pants that words on them, maybe even more so than the vest. The idea of his design is that in a world that is slowly becoming a lifeless, colorless, and boring he is one of the few who will not only show his true colors even if it means he looses the freedom he is loosing anyways but he will do so with a snarky grin on his face all the way through. The way the future will be reflected on his design is the way objects like his goggles and headphones look and even the presence of the hover board should give off the futuristic vibe.

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