Cannon Character


In the year 2047, the world has become more technologically advanced with many new inventions that would be considered a fantasy in our time; things such as hover boards, robotic enhancements, space crafts that can make trips to distant planets within days of its initial launch, all kinds of things.

The only issue is that in this future, many largely populated cities have become very strict on their policies in regards to creativity and freedom; There are dress codes for being in public, restrictions on what you can say, and absolutely no loud music or irritating acts with a very harsh zero tolerance policy in regards to that.

Ace M. Brando Is exactly what the police do not want to deal with. Loud, Obnoxious, and with spray paint anything on a bland looking wall to either get a message out to the people or to piss someone off. He always wears his Holographic headphones whenever he is out and about causing trouble, and listens to all kinds of dated music that literally nobody in 2047 would listen to. He is always riding his custom made Holographic Hover board when he causes trouble so he can make a quick get away despite enjoying a good chase. His clothes may be considered dated by the futures standards but they fit him perfectly, he docent care about society’s norms and isn’t afraid to cause some trouble to prove this point. He is an inspiration to trouble makers everywhere and is practically a legend in his home city’s underground-punk community for spray painting his jackets back logo onto the roof of the tallest building in the city. Ace disappears in 2030, nobody knows where he went or if he got arrested, However he becomes somewhat of a myth in the city as that logo he sprayed on the tallest buildings roof keep showing up around the city; that logo also starts showing up in other cities and towns. Nobody knows who is doing this, It may be a group of admirers looking to spread his message or it may be a bunch of copy cats. Regardless of this the major question people all over the country are asking still stands; Where is Ace M. Brando?

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