Creation Myth Comic

For my comic based off of a creation myth I did the Japanese creation myth. The Japanese creation myth gives a story about how two deities named Izanagi and Izanami, after being summoned by the heavenly deities, were sent to the newly formed earth and created what is now japan, and gave birth to many other deities that controlled things such as mountains, the sea, rivers, and many other aspects of the land. The segment of the story I used to make the comic is the part after Izanami dies from giving birth to the fire god “Kagutsuchi-no-Kami” and Izanagi goes to the land of Hades (The underworld) to see if he can find Izanami and bring her back with him. He finds her, but once Izanagi goes against Izanami’s order to stay outside the Castle Hades was in and finds a corpse like version of Izanami to which she is not happy with and tries to attack Izanagi when he tries to run away.

When structuring the comic I wanted to make the panels connect using mostly movement to movement transitions, but for showing the passage of time while Izanagi is waiting outside I used the four sunset panels as a way of showing that time passes, you could say that was a scene to scene transition. I also used aspect to aspect transitions on the second page when showing how angry Izanami was at the end. I did this both to show how amplified her anger was and also to have a reveal of her yellow eyes since up to that point her eyes had not been shown. The reason why I decided to keep Izanami’s face hidden until near the ending was to give off a sense of mystery to why she was being introverted towards Izanagi whom has been with her for a long time and even traveled to Hell to get her back. The way her face is hidden is actually a homage to my favorite manga artist Hirohiko Araki who used this way of hiding a character’s face for one of the villains in his most popular series. The most important aspect of the comic to me was the color pallets. Colors can be used to express the emotion of the scene and ideas present in a story in the same way facial expressions express emotion and various things like character designs and objects can express ideas. Izanagi and Izanami have similar designs to show the connection between the two; same colored belt, same colored hair, same color robe but different shades of blue, the major difference between the two is the their body shapes. When creating the color pallet for the backgrounds and objects on page one the color pallet is suppose to be calm and almost soothing. Despite this technically being Hell I wanted to give off how calm and happy Izanagi is when he is around Izanami and vice versa. At the end of page one and all of page two however I wanted the color pallet to express the confusion and fear Izanagi feels when he is inside the castle and sees the corpse-like Izanami on the floor.

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