Final gallery write up

All of the fallowing images are sculptures from the Alfred University Senior Art Show, each one of these show examples of different types of sculptures commonly used by artists.

1) (Figurative Sculpter) Uncle Svend's Duck“Uncle Svend’s Duck” Is a clear example of a Figurative Sculpture. A Figurative Sculpture is a sculpture based off of something from the real world, This is a Duck, Which is something from the real world.2) (Point, Line, and Plane) Crosshatch“Crosshatch” conveys Point, Line, and Plane because of its net-like design. The design shows how points connected to points make lines, and when lines come together they can make planes even if there is not any physical material within the plane.3) (Rhythm and Balance) No Name FoundThis piece is a good example of Rhythm and balance because of how the paint strokes that create the image flow through the work and unify the entire piece to make everything seem balanced.4) (Volume) Disfigured Esteem“Disfigured Esteem” Expresses Volume because of how it utilizes its space to look thick and tall without seeming hallow or light.5) (Scale Change) A Moment of Happiness“A Moment of Happiness” Uses Scale change to its advantage. Each flower is able to be stabilized more efficiently with the stems’ thick design, but still look right to the viewer. The flowers alternating sizes also helps in making the piece look alive and interesting.6) (Modular Design) Remnant“Remnant” Shows Modular design with the way the whole work is made up in the same net-like style “Crosshatch” was, but this time they create hexagons that look like segments of their own and unify the whole piece together.7) (Space) Decay“Decay” Utilizes Space very well, every part of the piece fits together well in a larger area than most of the other pieces do. The girl is clearly the focal point of the work, but the dead tree that is covering her and the dead leaves help convey the message that the title is implying for the piece.8) (Movement) Outbreak“Outbreak” is a good example of movement within a piece, the center is the focal point but the way the work is put together makes your eye move outside and around the piece.9) (Color) Playground“Playground” Uses Color to make the simple form that it is into in depth and interesting pieces. The way the color is used makes it so the each┬ápiece looks like it was made to take in all at once, the colors also complement each other from one piece to another as well as contrast.10) (Texture) No NameThis work shows a strong use of Texture. Looking at this piece just makes you wanna run your hand over it with the holes and different paint types, as well as the parts of the stems and leaves that come out from the entire piece.11) (Pattern) Airborn“Airborn” uses Pattern in a unique way I have yet to see in any other piece thus far. The way the pattern for this work functions is very chaotic but you can still see it easily, there are black lines fallowed by colored fallowed by black again. The work gives off an even yet asymmetrical feel.12) (Mixed Media) No Name FoundThis piece clearly uses Mixed media, as the main focal point is stone, there is sand at the bottom, and wood hanging over the stone.13) (Conceptual) Automated Tea PotThis work is an example of a Conceptual sculpture. The idea is that it is an automatic tea pot controlled by a brain from some animal (Rat, Cat, Dog, Human, ect.) All for the purpose of giving you tea with as little effort as possible.14) (Time and Motion) Treadle Wheel“Treadle Wheel” when in use expresses Time and motion. When it is used the wooden wheel spins by making another wood piece move back an forth to spin the wheel inside the very top of the contraption, the use of spinning makes the machine interesting to use and look at.

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