Peer Critique


Fellow DMA major student Tyler Sudyn’s submission for the walk cycle project we were given shows a good understanding of what makes an animation work, but there are a few flaws within the animation itself.

The Biggest issue that is clear from the start is that while the waist moves with the legs, the entire body above the waist looks completely disconnected from the entire lower half due to the lack of any obvious movement in the section right above the waist. The legs themselves rise and fall in the goose stepping way that Tyler was going for, however when the right leg come down to the ground it seems to snap into position instead of having a smooth ease into the standing position. Another issue is that sometimes when a leg will be moving down the foot will be a bit too forward to look natural. The head also is an issue as it fallows the turns of the body exactly, creating and uncanny ‘wooden’ look to the upper body.

Overall the animation works well but needs work with making joints look natural through out the walk cycle.

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