Self Critique

Over the course of the semester I’ve learned how important ease in and ease out is in animation, and how to use that concept to my advantage. Before learning about it i never understood why animation i’ve done prior to this course (Stop motions, hand drawn, ect.) would always look wrong in some way, shape, or form. Now that I know how to use the concept of ease in and ease out it makes it clear that that was one of the principals of animation I was missing before. I also learned how useful reference footage is, its almost like a cheat sheet to what the basic movement should look like and I don’t think I can make another animations without using at least a little bit or reference footage. One part of animating I still struggle with is arcs. Arcs are the hardest for me to do with the legs in particular, most of the time the movement looks more like a triangle type shape rather than a round shape. With the final animation I feel like I was able to achieve the round arc shape that would be needed for a smooth animation, and with my next animations I plan to put more time into the leg arcs and figuring out a less time consuming way to achieve arcs that are smoother and cleaner looking than my previous works.

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