Peer Critique


Fellow DMA student Nadia Parfait submission for the project in which we were tasked to create an animation in which a character goes from one emotion to another, Nadia’s emotions were sullen to panic.

The facial movement work well through out the entire animation. The animation of the body flows well at the beginning, however many of the movements feel very slow and disconnected from the body. When the women drops the baby the arms move almost like a hatch and do not impact the arm at all from the elbows up. The falling baby is too slow and has no impact on the ground, making it the most noticeable issue in the entire animation. The lack of hand movements also  make the arms feel more robotic, as when the ‘panic’ portion of the animation is occurring, the arms move in such a where were they feel too stiff and the body movements of this portion of the animation make the stiffness more prominent.

The animation had a good beginning, but the ending needed way more work in order to match the beginning’s smoothness, despite the baby in the women’s arms looking completely disconnected from reality.

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