Alchemy Juice Write Up

On Monday, April 17th 2017, I attended a gallery titled “Alchemy Juice” by Alex Zablocki showcasing many sculptors he has created. Zablocki’s sculptors may not relate to web design at all, but I believe that specific elements from pieces can be implemented into web design to create more atheistically pleasing website designs.


This work looks to resemble pancakes stacked on top of each other with a block of butter on the top. This could relate to web design in terms of color. It uses a total of 5 colors (Not including the base) and out of those 5 colors the brown is more prominent than the rest and the other 4 colors are used very scarcely. In a website design, using colors like this can create an environment where the colors are only to highlight what is on the site without overtaking the overall color pallet.


This piece has a pleasing flow with the green paint-looking-fluid coming down off of the structure under it. In web design, a style like this could be incorporated for a more art-inspired website with a 2 color color pallet with the more saturated color bleeding on top of the other.


This piece shows a great focus on asymmetry. An art-inspired-website could use the idea of asymmetry much like this piece to create an off-balance site design for the purpose of showcasing specific pieces on a side that has more focus than the other. The site could lead the viewer’s eyes from the more focused part to the lass focused part.


This last piece is a tower of various objects all composed with the bottom being heavier than the top. With a website design it would be pleasing to have a lighter top of the page with a heavier, more detailed bottom to have a feel of progression within the website.

When incorporating different sculptors into website designs you can create more artistic and interesting websites for those who want to go the more “Unconventional” rout with their sites. Incorporating a mixture of the ideas presented with the 4 pieces shown, perhaps an avant-garde new age post modern website can be made for the purpose of showing an art piece to the world.

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