Self Critique 2

This year in my Advanced Animation class, we learned more about how to make a model and how to rig it. We also furthered our practice with animating with a solo project and a group project.

With the rigging, making the model was not too difficult for me, the actual rigging process was difficult and the product was less than I hoped for. The feet contort in ways that they are not suppose to when the legs are moved and the legs also do not stay in place when another section of the leg is moved. The whole model does stay together however, and the texturing looks appropriate. While I do know more about rigging than I did before, I feel that I need more practice with rigging before I can do it confidently.

With the animation I did this semester, I feel I was able to focus more on the facial expressions and hang movements than I did before. The face and hands move well and to my liking, however the arm movements with the body are a little sloppy and could have been worked on more.

With the group project which is not finished by the time of me writing this, I was tasked with creating the set, piecing together the 2D and 3D animatic, animating certain scenes, rendering my own parts, and putting together the final video. All but the rendering and the final are done at this point, and the set looks like it is suppose to and the animations I have done flow nicely with the other animations my team mates have done.

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