Special Topics, Layered Time: 7 Day Drawing


We were tasked with drawing from the same perspective every other night for 2 weeks, resulting in 7 days of drawing. This was my outcome:

Day 1:


This is the first drawing of the area outside my dorm room. It was very dark so it was hard to actually see the shapes and forms of everything, I had to resort to using my phone’s light, but I believe it created an interesting perspective of the area. A downside (sorta) to drawing in the dark like that is that my lines end up being not very straight and very hairy, but in the case of this project I feel like it could benefit the finished product by having the beginning be so odd looking and warped that the rest of the project is forced to be built upon that. Could create some interesting results.

Day 2:


This time it was a bit earlier than when i did my previous drawing, so i could get some of the finer details. I honestly was excited to work on the tree. For some reason, tree branches creep me out when I look at them in the right light, I can’t even explain why, maybe its because when I look at images of overgrowth in old, abandoned buildings, its so creepy the way roots can grow around man-made objects, almost as if its trying to take back the area that was once bare. Perhaps I am overthinking this whole tree thing, but I want to aim to emulate this in my drawing.

Day 3:


This time i focused on the details I saw, a bit tedious but satisfying none the less. Something about creating a pattern with the bricks (2 lines then 3 lines, rinse and repeat) is just satisfying, especially when it is all done. The mack. complex has a ton of bricks too, so I definitely have my work cut out for me. People also keep their blinds open sometimes, that baffles me. I had being exposed to the world with a window as big as the ones in my dorm, I always feel like i’m being watched from somewhere, like someone is invading my privacy… then I realized after drawing the window that now i’m the privacy invader, I have become what I feared.

Day 4:


This time as well as focusing on more details, I began working on my own reflection. Since the light in my room was behind me, all I saw was my own silhouette, so thats what I drew. I could see a few details like where my shirt ended and such, so a few details were added.

Day 5:


This time I focused on the fore ground and a bit more reflection. I have one lazy eye that I must wear corrective glasses for, and I am not very good at constantly wearing them or even remembering to wear them in the first place. When I don’t wear them, my depth perception sucks and everything looks flat to me. This process has made me realize that my lack of depth perception shows in my art work vividly. Perhaps I should wear my glasses more to avoid allowing this to happen? Or maybe this could be the start of how I go about creating a piece? I should experiment more with this idea in the future.

Day 6:


I focused on more of the reflection and details on this day, Very dark so it was difficult to see. To me, drawing in the dark is more interesting that in the light. It forces my mind to fill in the blanks and create what I think I see. This was the basis for how I started this project, and I regret not taking it all the way and only drawing when its too dark to see the finer details of the buildings. At the very least the foundation of the image was drawn while in complete darkness, maybe it would have came out differently if I drew it during the day?

Day 7:


To finish off the picture I finished my reflection, darkening myself to make myself more noticeable, and I colored in the sky as well as finishing the foreground objects both in the foreground and in the reflection. I am satisfied with how this image turned out, It has been quite some time since I got to draw using traditional materials, I only wish I had thought ahead and came up with a better plan on how to push my ideas further and even use some different mediums instead of sticking with whats safe. It was a learning experience for sure, I now know at least that I want to experiment more and take more risks, hopefully that will show in future endeavors and projects.

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