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Interactive Media: Asset Creation

We were tasked to create assets for a game that the CIT students are creating, I chose to create assets for the game involving swords. I created two swords, rigged the enemies, and animated said enemies. Advertisements

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Japanese Media: Emakimono Project

For the Japanese Media Traditional Media project I made an Emakimono scroll. I drew inspiration from the “Chouju Jinbutsu Giga” in the sense of the entire scroll being one continuous image without divides between the different segments of the story. … Continue reading

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Game Jam

Game Jam is an event in which teams of DMA and Computer Science students work for 48 hours to make a game based off of a theme which was “Urban Legends” this time around. My group made a game based … Continue reading

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“The Ability to name things has escaped me” Art Gallery by Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy The Ability to name things has escaped me

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Bone Study

For my Bone Study I decided to draw a skull using pen and did the shading in a cross hatching style. To achieve this I looked up both images of skulls and images that heavily rely on the cross hatch … Continue reading

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Final gallery write up

All of the fallowing images are sculptures from the Alfred University Senior Art Show, each one of these show examples of different types of sculptures commonly used by artists.

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Self Portrait

When starting the self portrait project I initially thought that the most difficult part would be the shading but as the process went on I found that the hardest part was adding in the minor details into areas like the … Continue reading

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